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Hybridfox – Elastic Load Balancer

Demo on Hybridfox with support for Amazon AWS Elastic Load Balancer

* Create Load balancer
* Deregister/Register Instances
* Enable/Disable Availability zones
* Configure Health check
* Enable/Disable Application stickiness and Load balancer Stickiness
* Delete Loadbalancer

Download Hybridfox with ELB Support :…

If any Issues post it on


Game on with Firefox Addon

Firefox addon, it was pretty hard for me at the time when interviewer was given a choice for me either to take a session on 960gs or build a simple firefox addon. I have to go on with 960gs since i am familiar with css and i did it and got selected.

Then the game starts , i was asked to work on with firefox add-on and now there is no choice . It was not as big task because there are lot of supports online i fond easy to learn and work on it . Here is that tutorial

Firefox addon development requires only few basics on HTML and CSS , JavaScript but new markup language XUL (ZOOL) Xml User interface language should be hands on and its more powerful